Beyond 20/20

Does Good Vision = “20/20”?

Not necessarily.

Good vision involves so much more than just seeing clearly without glasses. Most don’t know the fraction 20/20 is merely being able to read the size of font at a distance of 20 feet. It’s your “eyesight”. It covers only 5% of the total vision skills necessary to learn and read.

The “THREE PILLARS OF VISION” cover the other vision related skills.


  • EYE TEAMING: The skill that allows both eyes to work together in a precise and coordinated way. Good eye teaming allows sustained, single, and comfortable vision, and is the basis for depth perception.
  • EYE TRACKING: The ability to move eyes smoothly and accurately to maintain single and clear vision.
  • FOCUSING: Being able to quickly focus from far to near with ease to sustain clear vision for prolonged periods of time.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • The only eye test most children have is a brief screening at school which only checks their distance vision using the eye chart.
  • Each year thousands of children suffer from undetected vision problems that can make school and life difficult. o Many are misdiagnosed as having a learning disability or ADD. o In addition, children with crossed eyes and lazy eyes face especially demanding challenges.
  • Children with poor visual skills may struggle to read, have short attentions, perform poorly in sports, develop low self-esteem, and have doors closed many future careers because of poor visual skills.

Is your child at risk for vision-based learning problems?

A simple screening checklist can accurately rate your child’s risk by flagging tell-tale symptoms. Click here for survey

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